New Members


We are a nonprofit agency comprised of breweries that are committed to fostering camaraderie and advancing the craft beer brewing industry in the coastal regions of Virginia

Interested? Email us at to apply!

Our Goals

  1. To support the production of high-quality beer by Craft Brewers
  2. To present a unified voice to legislators and regulators in representing the Coastal Virginia Region.
  3. To coordinate the input of Members to the Virginia Craft Brewers Guild, the Brewers Association, and other associations as deemed appropriate
  4. To educate Members regarding best practices for complying with all rules and regulations associated with the craft beer industry.
  5. To provide a forum for Members to share information and expertise among breweries.
  6. To promote Member breweries within the Coastal Virginia Region and in neighboring areas
  7. To develop national awareness about the quality of craft breweries within the Coastal Virginia Region.
  8. To craft and offer programs, festivals, and educational opportunities to further the growth of member breweries and the community

Interested? Email us at to apply!


We are very excited for the upcoming year with a brand new website, many events being planned, and of course just general comradery shared by the brewing community in the Coastal Virginia area